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World Wide Web: Changes Approaching

Cyber Crime

Cybercriminals be warned!

The government has introduced a new cybersecurity plan to combat the threat of cybercrime.

The plan provides police with increased powers and will affect individuals involved in drug trafficking (particularly ice), terrorists and paedophiles.

The plan is called the 2020 Cyber Strategy with $1.67 billion dedicated to:

  • assisting businesses to defend hackers,
  • increasing the Australian Federal Police’s capacity to handle cybercrimes, and
  • $1.35 billion Cyber Enhanced Situational and Response package.

The Cyber Enhanced Situational and Response package is designed to allow the Australian Signals Directorate to close in on cyber threats and disrupt foreign criminals.

An estimated $29 billion per year is the cost to Australian businesses affected by cyber incidents.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton advised:

“If you’re a … paedophile you should be worried about these powers. If you’re a terrorist you should be worried about these powers. If you’re committing serious offence[s] in relation to trafficking of drugs, of ice, for example, that’s being pedalled to children, you should be worried about these powers as well”.

COVID-19 has resulted in an increase of cyber crime, against both businesses and individuals. This also includes vulnerable children being targeted online due to spending more time at home in recent months.

These new laws apply to drug traffickers, paedophiles and terrorists only.

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C Armstrong, S Rao, J Dudley-Nicholson, “Scott Morrison’s new cybersecurity plan to expand AFP powers to fight cybercrime”, The Courier Mail, 6 August 2020.

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