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Power Naps & Property Offences

Break And Enter

A man in the Moreton Bay region broke into commercial premises with a paver brick but could barely stay awake to do the job. After taking a few power naps, he left and went for another power nap at the property next door.

The Queensland Crime Report 2018-19 reveals there has been a decline in most property-related crime since 2001. This includes break and enter and motor vehicle theft.

The statistics for unlawful entry offences (dwellings and outbuilding residential land) in 2018-19 are:

  • Unlawful entry with intent (dwelling) without violence – 23,330
  • Unlawful entry with intent (dwelling) with violence – 674
  • Unlawful entry with intent (dwelling) with shop – 12
  • Unlawful entry with intent (dwelling) with other – 5,126

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