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Tanya Dower

Tanya is a Senior Associate and Team Leader of Quinn & Scattini’s Criminal & Traffic Law Team.

Tanya has a detailed understanding of the justice system, policies and processes, having held a senior legal role with the Director of Public Prosecutions Queensland.

With considerable experience successfully appearing before the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court, Tanya can assist across all criminal and traffic law charges. Tanya’s experience includes, but is not limited to, drug offences, fraud, internet offences, robbery, sexual offences, theft and violent offences.

Tanya takes the time to listen to her client’s individual situation and the charges her clients face. This allows Tanya to identify potential defences and put forward the best possible case in court to minimise penalties.

For cases before the Supreme Court, Federal Court, Court of Appeal and High Court, Tanya confidently instructs senior counsel and ensures all information is accurately presented to senior counsel, which enables her clients facing trial to have the best defence possible.

A strong advocate for social justice, Tanya has also presented at multiple conferences and training sessions.

Whatever the charge, Tanya has the experience and passion to provide the best possible legal representation.

Read what Tanya’s clients had to say…
"A+. QO"
"Tanya Dower is an exceptional lawyer. She and the rest of her team show excellent professionalism and capability. Their hard work and attention to detail does not go unnoticed. My matter has now been finalised with the best possible outcome and it is all thanks to Tanya. I am incredibly pleased that I decided to have Quinn & Scattini represent me; I don't think I would have received the same outcome if I had chosen otherwise. If the time presents itself again, I will continue to use Quinn & Scattini for legal representation and advice. If you are searching for legal representation, I highly recommend that you chose Quinn & Scattini. Thank you again for all your hard work Tanya. PT"