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Migration Law

There are many motivations for wanting to move to Australia. Common reasons include family reunion, work, study, business, marriage, quality of life and sense of adventure. So, how do you make the move to Australia?

Australian immigration law is complex and subject to change. There is a lot of red tape that needs to be attended to when making the move to Australia. In order to avoid difficulties and delays with your visa application you need to ensure all documentation is accurate and complete. It is at this time you need an experienced migration lawyer on your side.

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers have successfully assisted many visitors, students, employers, employees, family members and spouses secure their visas. We also have experience appealing Australian visa refusals with the relevant courts.

Roly O’Regan’s MARN is 1910503. Our migration lawyers comply with the code of conduct for registered migration agents. A copy of the code of conduct can be found here

Our Areas of Migration

Our expert migration lawyers can assist with a range of Australian migration legal issues and applications.

Areas of migration law include:

  • Employer sponsored work visa for temporary or permanent residency (onshore and offshore),
  • Temporary work (skilled) visas,
  • State-sponsored visas (temporary or permanent),
  • Spouse and de facto visas,
  • Family reunion (aged parent and last remaining relative),
  • Business visas – business owner and investment (short-term temporary visas),
  • Student visas,
  • Tourist visas;
  • Visa cancellations,
  • Preparation of applications and submissions to the:
    • Migration Review Tribunal,
    • Refugee Tribunal, and
    • Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
  • Appeals to the Federal Magistrates Court and High Court of Australia.
How We Can Help

Don’t take risks with your Australian visa application. To avoid mistakes you need an experienced migration lawyer on your side.

We will take charge of your matter and communicate with you in plain English so there is no confusion and you have a clear understanding of what is required throughout the visa process.

We will guide you through each stage of the visa process including obtaining a detailed understanding of your personal circumstances, completing an assessment on your eligibility and preparing, reviewing and submitting all necessary applications.

We can also arrange to have any documentation translated into English by certified National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (“NAATI”), assist with skills assessment requirements and arrange certification of documents.

Our work does not end once your visa application has submitted. We continue to monitor the progress of your application with the Department of Home Affairs and keep you up-to-date with any developments.

The Importance of Accurate Information

Here at Quinn & Scattini we follow all the required procedures when it comes to the visa applications so your application has the best chance of success. However, please keep in mind, no migration agent can guarantee that a visa application will be approved, nor can we influence the outcome or expedite processing of your visa application.

We submit all documentation based on the information you provide. It is your responsibility to ensure all information you provide to us is accurate. If you provide falsified documentation or make claims that are untrue and inaccurate your visa application will be rejected and you will be banned from making a further visa application for a specified time period.

What If My Visa Application Is Refused?

A visa refusal does not mean that is the end of the road. You are entitled to submit another visa application for consideration but you will be required to pay the application fee again. To avoid making the slightest mistake, for example, applying for the wrong type of visa, we strongly recommended you engage the services of an experienced migration lawyer.

Quinn & Scattini’s experienced migration lawyers will ensure the application process is hassle-free and stress-free for you and ensure your application has every chance of being accepted.

Our Fee Structure

Due to our considerable experience, we can offer you (in most cases) a fixed fee structure so that you have fee certainty regarding the costs associated with your visa application.

$99 Initial Consultation

Attending an initial consultation, at any of our local offices or by telephone or video-conference, is the usual first step.

The initial consultation provides you with an opportunity to meet your dedicated lawyer, discuss issues, identify your options, map solutions and provide an estimate of costs. Our initial consultations provide the perfect opportunity to have a no-obligation, confidential discussion about your legal matter.

Why Choose Us?

You will be talking to a real expert, local to you. You will not be treated like a file number but as a real person, and a person going through a potentially complicated experience. Get expert advice, not just what you want to hear in a language you can understand not legal jargon.

Need Advice On Other Areas of Law?

Quinn & Scattini can assist you with a wide range of legal issues. The advantage of working with Quinn & Scattini is our migration legal services are complemented by our full range of legal services and support. This means we can assist you with related matters such as property acquisition in Australia, foreign investment requirements and establishing businesses.

Office Locations

You can meet with our expert migration lawyers at any our local offices.

Get In Touch

Book an initial consultation, email mail@qslaw.com.au, submit an enquiry below or speak to our expert migration lawyers on 1800 999 529.

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