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Commercial Litigation

So what is commercial litigation and when do you need one of our expert team who practice in this area of specialty?

Commercial litigation is where a business or company is involved in a dispute. In most commercial litigation cases the dispute is attempted to be resolved by negotiations. When negotiations fail the skills of an expert commercial litigation lawyer are required to put your best case forward in court.

You need a commercial litigation lawyer when:

  • your dispute:
    • concerns a business, whether operated by you or somebody else,
    • is over money owed by you or to you concerning any commercial arrangement,
    • concerns the purchase of goods or services,
    • concerns a contract such as a loan agreement, any lease, building contract, franchise agreement, insurance contract, employment contract, contract concerning property, and
    • is related to a company, a trust, a partnership or any other agreement or arrangement between people:
  • you:
    • have debts you cannot pay or are owed money by people who have not paid you,
    • are being stuffed around by someone who does not do what they said they would do, or does not do what they should do,
    • are being prevented from doing something you would like to; and
      are uncertain about your rights concerning any of the above.

Avoid costly litigation disputes. Quinn & Scattini Lawyers’ expert litigation lawyers can develop the best strategy and provide the best representation to quickly resolve your dispute. We work hard to get the best results and lower stress levels in order to allow you to get back to business.

We recommend that you get advice from us early so you can move faster than your opponent and resolve your matter quickly. There are often strict time limits and deadlines in commercial disputes, so do not delay, especially if court proceedings have been commenced against you, or a notice such as a bankruptcy notice, statutory demand, directors penalty notice, garnishee notice, notice to remedy breach, notice of defect (or any other notice you are unfamiliar with) arrives.

Commercial litigation matters are very diverse.

Matters our lawyers have handled include:

  • Suing solicitors who failed to warn their clients about the risks involved in an unusual lease.
  • Suing solicitors who incorrectly advised their client about the effect of legislation impacting their business.
  • Suing a building inspector who failed to inform home-buyers about major structural defects.
  • Suing a construction company that damaged a house adjacent to their construction works.
  • Applying to the Supreme Court for the appointment of a statutory trustee for the sale of property owned by disputing parties.
  • Acting for companies in disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (including one client whose debt was reduced from over $100,000, to less than $40).
  • Defending court action brought by debt collectors.
  • Representing clients in restraint of trade disputes with former employers.
  • Advising clients in neighbour disputes regarding boundary fences and retaining walls.
  • Advising a mechanic in relation to a claim of defective repair works by a former customer.
  • Acting for a borrower who was being pursued by a foreign bank for a debt incurred while living overseas.
  • Acting for landowners whose family home was being resumed by a government department for public works.
  • Acting for a client who was seeking to recover a substantial sum of money that they had lent to a family friend without a written loan agreement.
  • Negotiating a favourable outcome for a client who was in a dispute with a business over the termination of a hire agreement.
  • Acting for a commercial lessee who was in a long running dispute with their lessor over the terms of the lease.
Asset Protection Lawyers

Do you own your home? Do you hold significant financial investments? Do you manage your own business? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to consider asset protection.

Asset protection is the use of various strategies to protect an individual’s personal and business assets from legal action or creditor claims. It is important to note that, if you do not have an asset protection strategy in place at the time of legal action occurring, or in the event of a family or business relationship breakdown, then your personal and business assets may be at risk and it may be too late to protect them.

This is when experience matters. Our expert lawyers will work with you to obtain a detailed understanding of your risks and liabilities and identify the best strategy for you in order to best protect your assets. Don’t let legal action, creditor claims or relationship breakdowns impact your assets. Get big-firm expertise from local asset protection lawyers.

Making Sense of It All

We understand the pressures that arise from legal issues and we aim to limit any confusion throughout the process. To assist you to make sense of it all, our expert commercial litigation lawyers have compiled a glossary of commonly used terms.

Access the glossary here.

How We Can Help

Our expert commercial litigation lawyers are experts in this field of law and will work hard to ensure your dispute is resolved in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We know what it takes to get the best possible result for you.

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