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Business Acquisitions & Sales

Need a business sale agreement expertly prepared or reviewed? We look after the fine print so you can make an informed decision. Get the best advice for your sale. Our business sale agreement lawyers work hard to ensure a successful transaction occurs.

Business Acquisitions & Sales Team

The purchase of a new business or the sale of an existing business will revolve around the contract for sale of the business. It is vital that the contract for sale reflects the intentions of the parties and sets out exactly what each party is required to do to give effect to the sale.

If you are a purchaser or a vendor our Business Team can handle all the necessary pre-contract negotiations and an investigation, as well as drafting the contract of sale making sure that the contract protects your interests.

Prior to entering into a contract for sale of a business it is important to undertake an evaluation of the business to ensure that the current values of the assets reflect the sale price, the profits are adequate for the type of business being purchased and the financial records of the business are in order and up-to-date.

Our Business Team will assist you in drafting the contract for sale. We will assist you in ensuring that the contract of sale correctly reflects the agreement reached and we will guide you through matters, such as:

  • Due diligence.
  • Whether the business is sold on a walk-in walkout-basis or sold with stock in trade or work in progress.
  • The apportionment of the purchase price between the goodwill of the business and the fixtures, fittings and chattels of the business.
  • The leasing requirements of the business.
  • Any restriction of trade on the vendor’s ability to open a similar business in the future.
  • Any period for which the vendor is required to assist you in the operation of the business.

Our business sale agreement lawyers attend to the details so you don’t have to worry. We conduct detailed due diligence to make sure there are no surprises during your matter.

At Quinn & Scattini we will explain the standard conditions contained in the contract for sale and the rights, duties and responsibilities these place on both parties. Our Business Team will also ensure that you understand the statements and warranties contained in the contract for sale and the manner in which employee entitlements such as wages, holiday pay and long service pay are proportioned on the sale of a business.

How We Can Help

Quinn & Scattini Lawyers’ business lawyers are experienced working with businesses of all sizes to efficiently draft, review and finalise business sale agreements. Our business lawyers have the expertise to accurately undertake business sale pre-contract negotiations, investigations and preparation and resolve our clients’ business issues in a cost-effective manner to ensure our clients’ business interests are protected, both in the short-term and long-term.

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You will be talking to a real expert, local to you. You will not be treated like a file number, but as a real person, and a person going through a difficult and stressful experience. Get expert advice not just what you want to hear in a language you can understand not legal jargon.

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