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A Dubious Character Reference & A Doubtful Judge


When you are defending criminal charges, it is important that your defence is solid. That means character references that stand up in court.

A 35-year-old man tendered to Cleveland Magistrates Court a glowing work reference from his employer.

Where Things Went Wrong

Unfortunately, the magistrate recognised the name straight away – and for all the wrong reasons!

The character reference was from a man well known to the courts for being at the top of the charge sheets for drug-related offences over the past 3 years.

The man was facing multiple charges, in addition to breaching bail. When questioned by Magistrate Vasta for breaching bail, the man said that he had an injured finger and was walking to hospital.

Magistrate Vasta responded with “Absolute rubbish, you must think I came down in the last rain shower”.

The decision was then made to not release the man on bail and he was remanded in custody.

What You Need To Do

The key message is when you are preparing your legal defence you need to ensure your verbal and written statements can stand up in court, and most importantly, your defence is credible.

If you are found guilty of lying to the court (perjury), you could face a jail term!

What Is Perjury?

Perjury is defined under section 123 of the Criminal Code 1899 (“the Act”) as “any person who in any judicial proceeding, or for the purpose of instituting any judicial proceeding, knowingly gives false testimony touching any matter which is material to any question then depending in that proceeding, or intended to be raised in that proceeding, is guilty of a crime, which is called “perjury”.

How We Can Help

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As one of our clients said “Invest in the best – Q&S“.

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Queensland Consolidated Acts, Criminal Code 1899, section 123

This article is for your information and interest only. It is not intended to be comprehensive, and it does not constitute and must not be relied on as legal advice. You must seek specific advice tailored to your circumstances.

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